discontinuity errors when playback during recording

  • I switched my tuner to sundtek skytv 8 but with no improvement.

    After some hours of debugging with sundtek support I was told that rpi (graphics driver) is locking system when playback is started. That's why usb is blocked, dvb buffer runs dry and some data of livetv gets lost.

    Could this be improved somehow?

    Ah, now that makes sense as to why it's only playback on the Pi that is acting as TV server that causes the issue.

    I've got to admit, bearing in mind the low cost, I was seriously considering at one point buying another Pi to use as client, so that the server is never doing any playback.

    BUT, for me, it seemed that the only time I had significant data errors was if I tried to play the recording that is running. If I start live TV on a different tuner, or play back some other video, it didn't cause it. Is this consistent with the explanation?

  • Sorry, but that is beyond my knowledge.

    I'm also experiencing issues while doing large file transfers to usb3 ssd during livetv. So to me it seems some kind of usb weakness of rpi because there are no such issues with (much more powerful) x86 machine.