LE on ESXi hosted on intel NUC - No audio

  • Hi,

    Reaching out as i have spent too much time on this but i cannot let it go as i absolutely love LE, I run it on several boxes at home including pi and x96mini.

    I recently bought a NUC (NUC7I7BNH) with the IRIS 650 GPU and decided to try to install LE on it and passthrough my HDMI and an USB HID to the virtual machine.

    HID was a crash and burn but its working great with the official KODI remote so that is no issue for me anymore.

    Next step was to passthrough the GPU and that went smooth but the problem is i cannot get my audio to work.

    I´m running LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.2.0.ova build and i know it´s a development build but i lack the skills to build one on my own. so far.

    So, anyone manage to get this setup to work? When i look in the audio settings i have three or four choices and none of them is ending up with a selectable passthrough option, its just blank.

    From the Vmware perspective i have no option to passthrough anything more than the GPU itself, Running HD-Audio.

  • Hi,

    did you ever manage to solve this issue? I am facing the very same.

    Anybody else struggled with that?