Nightly images for A20, A64, H3, H5 and H6 boards

  • FYI, thermal driver PR was merged yesterday. Kodi should show now CPU temperature. Also on the SoC which have GPU temperature sensor (A64, H6), gputemp command will show GPU temperature. On H3, gputemp show same temperature as cputemp.

    Just checked temperature on my x2:

    While watching zattoo it raised via 56 to 58°C

    Uptime 1h 38

  • when using plugin.program.iagl (zach-morris/plugin.program.iagl Internet Archive Game Launcher)

    it will crash because missing stuff, it has installed all deps but still not work.

    reason why i upgraded from 18.2beta to latest was non working game controller, now that works however IAGL stopped work. I have opi pc on my van, i wanted games work so when we have party there, we can play games! :)

    It is easy to reproduce the error, install latest and install plugin and start it or configure.

    Device where i tested OPI PC.

    here is logfile when i go configuration wizard:

    And here is log when start addon:

  • riku Some Python issues should be solved with next Kodi update, but I don't know when what will happen nor if that will help solve your issues.

  • jernej This might be the wrong place to ask (if so, sorry), but is there a way to build Kodi (or copy it form one of your LibreELEC images) so it can run on a OpiPC with Armbian running a mainline 5.3? Better yet, would it even run under X?

  • it can run on a OpiPC with Armbian running a mainline 5.3?

    you would at least need to patch kernel and ffmpeg with patches included here. But kernel patches are for 5.4.

    Better yet, would it even run under X?

    Doubtful, but with above changes you may be able to build it for GBM platform (no window manager).

  • besit changes are already merged and fix will be available in next nightly image.

    Just tried nightly build from 26 of December. Imon works pretty nice.

    But the system again lost an ability to reboot. When you try to restart the board, it shuts down all the lights except those on ethernet port and hangs. It's very annoying issue. If it can be fixed - I will consider it like a New Year present.

    And one more issue - I'm not sure, I have to ask here, but...

    Acestream engine plugin worked perfectly with leia based system, like nightly build from 12.10.

    On matrix based system it shows an warning like unable to set cache disk because default /storage is not on the system. Maybe someone will give an advice how to fix it?

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  • I didn't test on H603 because I don't have any such board, but my understanding is that it's more or less same as H6, just lower maximum frequency and no Gigabit ethernet support. I highly doubt they change anything in the HDMI controller itself. It's more likely that CEC source clock is not set correctly. You are sure that you have CEC enabled on your TV? On every TV I used I had to enable CEC first...

  • Yes it's enabled via TV, i always test other boxes wit amlogic chip. Can i look to see if the CEC clock set correctly?

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  • Its true SoC still NA on all opi device?

    Opi plus 2e status SoC NA


    Some one know dvb-t modul/device/something that support on opi and libreelec? Or maybe give me suggestions addon tv to playing local tv in kodi with/without dvb


  • jernej

    Changed the title of the thread from “Nightly images for A64, H3 and H6 boards” to “Nightly images for A20, A64, H3 and H6 boards”.
  • Support for Allwinner A20 was merged in master. Nightly images are already available. A20 HDMI audio support will hopefully come in January.

  • Support for Allwinner A20 was merged in master. Nightly images are already available. A20 HDMI audio support will hopefully come in January.

    Cool! Great news for the new year! Thanks jernej

  • Hi. can u help me? cant use the kodi repo. expectet hash always empty:

    ERROR: CRepository: addons.xml.gz index has wrong digest 0380ee18bf4cc4c4443e02a5a6df3f9290fe82483ca3a7580ac8bb6410fef065, expected:

  • I have this device: KOHOTECH KP100 MB V3.0 -

    Somebody knows if there is a dts for it.

    I have it already a long time. It runs android 4.4 but it is rather a terrible experience, so last yaer I teared it open to see it had a allwinner A20 processor and hoped I could ever run libreelec on it to make it usefull again.

    I found on the sunxi wiki somebody already teared it open, but the page is rather bare. Maybe somebody already made a dts for it.

    There is already a fex on the sunxi github: sunxi-boards/kp100_mb_v3.0.fex at master · linux-sunxi/sunxi-boards · GitHub

  • yes,

    it is a projector that looks like a light bulb and has a e27 bulb connector.

    Interesting, never heard of that ;-)

    roel is that projector usable for something or just a toy?

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