[8.90.1] CoreELEC for S905/S912 devices

  • apologies if it seems a dumb question but i've installed (what it was) the latest devel version about a week ago over the 8.90.06 using the .tar file. all working fine.

    so my box is (i presume) running already the coreelec (can see initial logo). now i see coreelec is back to 8.90.00

    can i keep updating from .tar file as usual? is there any difference between the my version and the current coreelec? i follow this post but it's a bit confusing now. thank for your attention.

  • Perhaps it would be better to wait for the stable version to come out before updating

    Yeah you can do that. I have two sd cards ... one with last stable kzaqs build and the other for testing the latest CoreElec Leia builds (which is really fine for the moment and for me as a 4k/HDR owner with the community settings in Kodi, delievers a really good 4k/1080p picture). So with a second sd card, nothing can go wrong ;) Cheers....

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    2 x S912 with LE on NAND — 2 x S905x with LE on NAND (1 with EmulationStation&KODI niabi‘s build) — 4K 65“ Sony — 4K Onkyo DD/DTSHD/ATMOS Receiver

  • THX for reporting issue. I am working on fix.

    Can this be vnsi related? Another friend of me reported also LiveTV issues with vnsi, but with dvbviewer it is working?!

  • Can anyone confirm if the 422 12/10 bit green screen fix is incorporated into the latest CoreELEC release?

    I'll install myself to check when I get home tonight, but figured I'd check here what people are seeing.

  • You don't need it, only tar is required for update, update script will take care of your dtb.

    Can I update LibreELEC to CoreELEC with samba through file CoreELEC .tar?

  • Just updated to 8.90.0 from one of the latest devels. Time and date are wrong. I can't set it manually and it seems it does not get it through the internet. Anyone else seeing it?

    Fixed it. Timeservers got lost after the update.

  • I've got a KIII Pro box.

    The internal DVB Adapters were working fine until the latest devel build.

    With "CoreElec.8.90.0" only the avalink avl6862 DVB-T adapter seems to work.

    Internal DVB-S and DVB-C are missing.

    P.S.: I already activated the CrazyCat drivers but DVB-S/C still missing.

    Any way to fix that or update the drivers?

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

  • CE 8.90.0 working great.
    Update hung on migrating Tvheadend Client, but a forced reboot and a manual update cleared that.


  • Yes ofcourse just drop the tar into the update folder and reboot.

    99% of the time there will be no issues.

    Thank you adamg .I hope there is also a version of CoreELEC for s805

  • Thank you adamg .I hope there is also a version of CoreELEC for s805

    We don't have any plans to support S805 and neither do LE team.

    S9** box is cheap enough if you want to continue using latest version of Kodi.

  • Thank you for these builds!

    I updated to this new build for my odroid C2 and i notice with live tv zapping it’s zapping into blackscreen with tvheadend client.

    Is this a known issue for odroid C2?

    I had this same behaviour with raybuntu’s Leia builds.

    It looks like this bug isn’t fixed?


  • Hi,

    I have the same box and I've been using DVB-C successfully both on few devel builds and now on 8.90.0. I could be wrong but I thought the CrazyCat drivers are related to TBS adapters and the Avalink adapter is using some other driver (I could be wrong).

    I do however have CrazyCat drivers enabled as I have another external USB tuner but still all the adapters are visible in my backend TVHeadend. I also did upgrade from a devel build rather than doing a fresh install.