[8.90.1] CoreELEC for S905/S912 devices

  • Sad to see this happen...what now for Amlogic CoreELEC/LibreELEC?

    Will CoreELEC live on over at CoreELEC.org which seems to be under construction or is this the end?

    It was always anticipated that this day would come (read back through the thread), but it maybe that the developers have become so disenchanted with the burden of the user base that they may change their mind and abandon the project.

    Only time will tell. I am currently testing the Krypton build just released by wrxtacy which may offer a pain free solution.


  • Hi folks,

    just read this post from LibeComputer announcing mainline kernel nearly done - including video acceleration! They refer to this github wiki where an experimental image is available for LibreELEC, and lo and behold, my nasty bug with the crash on huge file copies is gone! Funny enough, at the point where the older kernel crashed, network data rate drops by ~25%, but copy continues. /me is very happy! The image is not final, claiming some playback limitations and bugs, but I am really looking forward to this becoming final.

    Thanks to all contibutors for the great work!


  • Jesus go away for 2 days and all hell breaks loose.

    So is coreelec no more? Or just dead on this forum?

    Hope it’s not the former as after a couple of minor issues I find the latest version the most stable version I’ve used on my 905 and 912 boxes.


  • I don't much care about the politics, but many of the fixes in CE have not been merged into LE so it is very good for me that CE will continue along its own parallel path and offer AML support which is just missing from LE . No other build seems to offer support for the VIM2's native dTV board. CE 8.90.1 is stable enough to be my daily driver at this point.

    Its been a rocky road but I am extremely grateful for the hard work put in by team CE.


  • Well, close this thread already.

    Support requests should be (re) directed to the respective GitHub landzone, where they'll be processed accordingly.

    All my best to the devs and meaningful contribs!

  • just wondering if the CE team will put up a new forum for discussion? it's easier to post feedbacks on forums rather than github.

  • yes, but if there are no more users then there will be no more to maintain :)

    If you are not a developer, you wouldn't understand.
    Github issue tracker makes a lot easier to track issues and the relevant changes.

    don't leave today's commit for tomorrow:!:

  • If you are not a developer, you wouldn't understand.
    Github issue tracker makes a lot easier to track issues and the relevant changes.

    And, unlike a forum thread, doesn't get polluted by the same question over and over again. :S

  • Why not closed this thread then??

    Perhaps, even though the developers might not respond, other users may be able to offer some support

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  • This is the same old story that here and then come up in the FOSS community.

    I am not judging, but from the little experience I have in this world, I have always seen the temptation to be a kind of fundamentalist on the "owner" positions

    It happened at the time of OpenELEC vs LibreELEC, not it happens for a, device specific, fork of LE

    Yes, there are probably some hacks in the AmLogic support of LE/CE but I am really curious to understand how much this hacks have been pointed out and being given by some proactive and helpful suggestions on how make then better, in the LE perspective.

    I have the doubt that the finger went pointed more on the AmLogic lack of "mainlining" and OSS kindness rather of what in theory the AmLogic code could harm in LE.

    From the LE perspective I think it is just a shame, it is enough to check the number of posts to understand how this little, unexpensive box have given to the HTPC scenario

    I hope that they can speak again each other for the good of the LE project

    • Official Post

    The current LE AML devs working at a mainline Linux (aka latest Kernel) and an proper standard implementation at Kodi for S905 that don't require a ton of special fixes. Basically RPi driver quality for AML.

    CE devs working at the legacy Kernel (3.14) version that reaching his dead end with Kodi 18. With >= Kodi 19 that driver is not usable anymore and the old 3.14 Kernel etc doesn't allow the new implementation.

    Normally nobody would need or use the 3.14 Kernel BUT currently the mainline Linux drivers etc are not yet ready (same story like Rockchip etc). So we could focus to improve an dead horse or focus at the future.

    Some devs wanted to improve the legacy version to the max (that requires a ton of special quirks) and the majority wanted to go for the future.

    You have the choice between working today and dead tomorrow or not working today but ready for the future.

    Both ways have their raison d'être.