How to install LE on internal HDD/SSD

  • Sorry for the dumb question but I could not find clear instructions how to install Libreelec on an internal drive.

    There is a very detailed manual how to use the USB creator, however no any word nor instructions what to do with the USB media created.

    I would like to help a friend of mine and he states that his PC boots form the USB stick directly to LE. No option to install on internal drive.


  • Create the USB .. boot from it and unless you hit the keyboard in the first few seconds to start temp/permanent 'live' (run from USB) modes it will start the installer GUI which asks you to pick a storage device (i.e. internal drive) to install to.

  • Thanks. Would be nice to describe it in the wiki as well.

    I agree. It does make a change, that somebody actually reads the wiki before posting a question.

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