Recommend a VPN

  • Afternoon,

    Can anyone help/recommend a Vpn that will work on my Amlogic box please.

    I'm not particularly technically minded so any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  • Zomboided has great VPN manager add-on that works with loads of VPN providers. See here VPN Manager.

    I agree with poster above private internet access is great. $39 per year great value.

  • It's the name of the vpn service. What you asked for.

    You can use zombided's addon to set it up with that service in LE as the_bo suggested

    Cheers, does it have a free trial. I've found most if the ones which provide openvpn credentials don't have a free trial.

    I'm reluctant to pay for these until I've tried them out as most of them seem poor fur live streaming.

    Is it Europe based because I wonder if distance has caused my probs previously?

    Vaniship seems popular too but same prop.

  • They have servers all over the world. You could try a months pass.

    Been with them few years had no issues.

  • My entire internet connection at home goes through PIA and it can easily max out my 50mbps connection on their US servers

  • Well, VPN is not core requirement for Kodi. I am also using VPN for Kodi because I love to travel and I don't want to miss my TV Shows. You can use ** name removed ** not only Kodi but for gaming and torrenting. There are more options available in the market like free VPNs but don't trust on them because I wouldn't give them any chance to play with my privacy. You can also check more VPNs on ReviewsDir