I had LibreELEC running a a couple of Pi 3 B+ for a couple of years with no issues. I upgraded to the latest version of LibreELEC about 3 months ago and have playback issues since then. Here is my setup:

NAS > WiFi > Pi > TV

The issue is that the mp3 or mp4 file plays for a little while then pauses for a second or 2 then starts playing again. This happens every 15 to 30 seconds.

I thought the issue my be related to my WiFi. I noticed that the Pi was using 2.4. I wanted to change it to 5 GHz but it was unable to see the 5 GHz SSD.

I changed to a new Pi 4 with 4GB memory, and installed the latest release of LibreELEC yesterday. It is now running version 9.1.501. I was able to see the 5 GHz WiFi SSD during install and it is connecting to my network via 5 GHz. I still noticed the pausing during mp3 and mp4 playback. I found the following instructions to modify the video cache:

HOW-TO:Modify the video cache - Official Kodi Wiki

Here is my advancedsettings.xml file:








This resolved the issue with .mp4 playback. But I am still having the issue with .mp3 music files. The instructions said that these setting helped with the audio cache as well as the video cache. How do I resolve the .mp3 playback issue?

Thanks in advance,