since upgrade to LibreElec 9.0.0 or 9.0.1 my Samsung remote Control not working anymore. I use this remote Control: bn59-00861a.jpg

I use PVR with VDR VNSI Plugin. For example, when I press a button, here channel up, it will switch once. If I press it again or any other key, there is no reaction. I can recognize that my TV recieves a key press because there is a red light that Shows that.

Well, before I upgrade to 9.x, all works perfect and I never had any issue with my remote Control. Maybe there will be a fix in the next release?

Best regards

  • Hi,

    I read that, but I thought I don´t Need that with CEC remote-Control? Am I wrong with my guess?

    I activated Debug and here is the Output. Don´t know if there is any Special...

  • Okey, I found a solution for this spooky pain. I disable omxplayer and all remote-control keys working again as they never did any other.

    I use a Raspberry Pi3 and I hope I still can view Bluray Images... Hope so... we will see :D