The issue:

LE 8.95.002 is installed on a Wetek Play 1 box. The screen is black on the HDMI output if the HDMI is not connected at boot but connected a bit later. The system is up and running, I can even hear the Kodi GUI clicks if I use the remote but the screen is black on the connected monitor. I can reproduce this issue with default configuration of LE, no add-on installed, nothing configured.

If the HDMI is already connected when the device boots then everything is fine. If it is not connected before boot then I cannot get picture later.

In LE 8.2.5. it works fine. It is a degradation in in LE 8.95.002


I intend to use this device in headless mode (no monitor attached) and access the GUI by AML-VNC. It worked fine until LE8. However it is not working in LE9 beta. I got black screen via VNC connection as well. There is picture via VNC if a monitor was attached at boot.

  • I have a similar problem, even if the WP1 box is connected to an old Samsung HD-Ready TV at boot.

    It is happening with LE 9.0.0 and LE 9.0.1.

    I can hear the sounds of the Kodi GUI.

    When I start a movie from the Kodi database by connecting to chorus 2 from a remote computer, the movie is displayed on the TV. The screen gets black again, after leaving the movie.

    If I go to the System page in chorus 2, the popup for the resolution is blank and it does not open to set a resolution. Also the frequency setting can't be modified and it set to 0..